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Cleaning your cookie Molds.

 🌞I wanted to share a “Tip” for cleaning today. We don’t seem to talk about the problem with dough getting miserably stuck in the cavities of some Molds…This is what I have found really works when you’re struggling to get the Molds clean.. even when a simple dedicated toothbrush won’t work.. It will even work on hardened cookie dough that you found in your molds.. I use an electric dental Water Pik with WARM water… It may take a couple times to go over your mold if it’s really dry and stuck in there , but just give it a couple minutes after the first pass come back to it .It will release… It’s like a pressure wash for your molds…Make sure , if you’re using wood molds to oil them after they dry… Wishing everyone a wonderful day 🌞

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