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Cleaning Your Springerle Molds
Cleaning your Springerle molds is a simple and easy job. Designate a brand new toothbrush for this job.
You can purchase one at a $1 store.
Always clean your mold after your baking session is complete or the dough will harden  and will become difficult to remove.
Dampen the toothbrush in warm water or Naturoil (oil used for cutting boards/ foodsafe) and lightly scrub your mold in circular motions to remove access cookie dough . Repeat until clean.
Remove any access moisture with
 a paper towel and let air dry.
Do not soak or use too much water on your cookie mold in water as it will  damage the mold.
Do not put your molds in the oven to dry. This will cause warping and other permanent damage.
Oil Your Cookie Molds
Food safe oil can be purchased from your local hardware store or kitchen store . This oil is the same type of oil a person would purchase to apply on their cutting boards . Oil needs to be applied to your wooden cookie molds so they do not dry and crack . This needs to be done when you notice the molds are looking a little dehydrated. You can apply your food safe oil with a small paint brush .The brush should be dedicated to only these molds and oil .Again a brand new paint brush from the $1 store will do.
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